Terry and Sherri---The proud parents of all these Littles...

Our oldest daughter Megan and son-in-law Justin

Monday, April 1, 2013

Micah's First Easter Sunday!

This is a very Blessed Easter morning at our home.  We love our Lord and Savior for dying for us on the cross and rising again to live in Heaven.  We look forward to the day we will meet our Savior face to face and live with him through out eternity.  But as for now we want to live with  a Servants Heart.  Our Lord has blessed us with many special blessings and the children are all in this picture except our oldest daughter Megan.  Megan is 20, Mackenzie - 15, Matthew-14, Morgan 10, Max 10, Michael -8, Mollie - 7, Madison - 6, Mitchell - 20 months and our newest angel Micah - 1 month.  Please pray for us as we try to do Gods' will in raising our children.  Happy Easter!!!   

Micah is now at home with  all his brothers and sisters who are loving on him.  He came home at 3 weeks 2 days old.  In the top picture Micah has his very special booties given to him by 2 very special people who gave him life.  He will always cherish these and hold them close to his heart.  This is what God wanted  LOVE AND FAMILY!!!!!!   

This is our newest son Micah Matthew-Cohen Willis.. We met him first in the hospital.  He is a beautiful blessing from God and we feel so blessed to be chosen as his parents.  Micah was born with Spina Bifida and had surgery at 1 day old to close his spine.  He then had surgery at 8 days old to put in a shunt.  He is such a strong baby boy and we are all so in love with him.  These 2 pictures were taken in the NICU at Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Columbus Ohio.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Family Time....

     This is the evening before getting ready for a snack AGAIN before bed time.  This is part of our kitchen.  We went to Tenn. and got our table there.  It is 2 cedar tables put together with 4 long benches down each side.  We also have 2 shorter benches for the ends of the table but we are not using them at this time.  Going down the left side is Michael (7), Max (9), Morgan (10), Mackenzie (15) and  on the table would be Mitchell (18 months old).  Right side is Mollie (6 yrs old), Madison (5) and our Matthew (14yrs old).  Michael, Max, Morgan, Mollie and Madison are getting ready to turn a year older in Feb, March and Morgan in May.  They are growing up entirely to fast.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting ready for church..



Actually this was the kids last Sunday morning and the ones that are matching wanted to post this because their Aunt Ruthie bought them these outfits for Christmas.  The kids like to dress a like.  My 2 older ones Matthew and Mackenzie don't really like to.  I tell them they are growing up way to fast and I am really missing them being young.  The third  picture is from this morning.  Matthew spent the night at Megan's house last night so they are not in the picture but are meeting us at church.  God is good and we are so blessed!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Our family...

     If you look around our page you will see all our children and my husband and I. My oldest daughter Megan (19) has already gotten married this past August.  Most of the pictures you see were taken at her wedding.  Megan's husband is Justin Kuntz and he works underground in the mines. He is an electrician.  Justin is a very hard worker and we are very proud to have him in our family.  Megan is going to college.  Mackenzie is our next oldest daughter and she is 15.  We are trying to ignore the fact that she could have her license already. Mackenzie is in the 9th grade and plays the flute and piccolo in the band at Riverside High School.  Matthew our oldest boy is 14 years old in the 8th grade.   He loves to play XBox.  Most of the time that is what you will find him doing. Morgan is 10 and is in 5th grade.  He loves everything.  He prides himself in doing well.  He is also my number 1 helper with the little ones.  He will also help me clean anytime I need him without a fuss.  Max is 9 and is in 4th grade. He is kind of on the lazy side.  He likes to watch TV the most.  He loves to keep up in school tho and makes very good grades as does the rest of the kids.  Michael is 7 and is in 2nd grade.  He loves Ninjago's.  You will always see him with one in his hand.  He is small for his age but tries hard to keep up.  He is excellent in school and really likes reading.  Then we have little Miss Mollie, who is 6, and in first grade.  If you ask the others Mollie is little Miss Boss.   But she takes care of everyone, you better not bother her brothers or sisters or you are in trouble.  Max says...mom Mollie is the meanest girl I know.  She isn't really.  Madison is our youngest daughter and very shy when out in public.  This changes at home. She is 5 and in Kindergarten.  Madie loves school but still tires out during the day and wants to take a nap when she gets home.  Last but not least we have Mitchell.  He is 18 months old and doing very well now.  All of the older kids spoil him rotten.  We had never had a newborn baby before so the rest of the kids think everyday is Christmas with him.  They argue over who holds him, they instantly hear him when he wakes from a nap, they run to see who gives him his toy first and  they all want to hold him during church.  Now that he is up and running he does not always like all of that loving.  But they still try.  When he tires out tho someone is always wanting to rock him.  Lastly there is my wonderful husband Terry and myself.  He has worked on Strip Mines all of his life since he was 18 yrs old.  He loves it.  He runs all the heavy equipment that is as big as a house. I will post some pictures of his job.  He is now Superintendent of a job on evening/night shift.  He loves his work.  I am a Registered Nurse and have worked as a nurse since 1998.  I have worked in Med/Surg., Oncology, Home Health and Hospice.  I love being a nurse and really loved my Hospice job.  I resigned when Mitchell came into our lives and my oldest daughter Megan was married.  I just couldn't stand leaving them all and I couldn't keep up anymore. I was working 12 hour night shifts and laundry for all of us did me in.  I really miss my patients but I love being at home with my family.  More to follow.........